Take off !

Yesterday was a special day, two big holders joined the node for a total of 8M SWTH. The validator rank went from 17th to 14th place. Now the node is in a safe place and should have increased the fee but like I mentioned in my last post the fee will stay at zero until October 15th cause of the wednesday’s upgrade issue.

I read on Telegram some of you are confused about the fees. I want to clarify : from 16th to 31st October the fees will stay at 0.1% whatever the rank is. The fees will increase following the table (if ranked 15th or better) only on 1st November. Please notice that the zero fee isn’t sustainable over the long term cause of the server cost, reason why the commission have to increase later.

Rank analysis

We are currently “fighting” with O3 and Everstake for the 12th place into a 1M range. (fighting is a big word, validators are pretty friendly with each others)

On top and bot side, Neo and Huobi are far and we are at a safe distance to 16th place in case of a Binance join. On next week the zero fee should allow more people to join. and reach this 12th place. (Like in Formula 1 let’s consider I’m wearing Soft tyre compounds and rivals race with Medium).

Thank you all for your support and let’s race!

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