I run a dedicated server with the following configuration :

  • Country : 🇫🇮 Finland.
  • CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 3700X Octa-Core
  • Disk Type : SSD NVMe
  • RAM : 64GB DDR4 ECC

The server is hosted on a reliable server provider (a 🇩🇪 German Corporation). The operating system is Ubuntu LTS 18.04 meaning your validator only uses commands for managing the node. The dedicated server has an enabled firewall.

Why choose a dedicated server over a VPS?

Because VPS are shared through a pool of customers, it means their performance is mediocre even though they are cheap. Dedicated servers are way more efficient but they are also more expensive.

How many servers do I run?

Currently, only one. It’s easier, cheaper and cost effective. The server is synchronized though persistent peers. Running one server allows me to buy a stronger one (instead of 2-3 medium-cost servers) and thus allows me to offer lower fees.

Why SSDs over HDDs?

HDDs drives are slow and expose the validator to missing blocks. Some of other validators missed blocks with HDD drives on testnet. It’s the reason why I switched to a stronger configuration with SSDs.

SSD Size

The current space disks allows 10+ years of transactions. The launch of Tradehub and many transactions occurring in the same block will probably down this number to 3-4 years. When the server will reach 75% I will update the config and inform the public. The disk space currently occupied is less than 0.5% (as of Sept 13th).

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